Primary IVF reborn as Adora

By Sarah-Jane Tasker

The IVF arm of takeover target Healius has been given a refresh with a new name.

The company, which was previously named Primary Health Care, announced today Primary IVF would now be known as Adora Fertility.

Adora Fertility said that since opening its first clinic in 2014, it had helped more than 3000 couples start a family. Through this service, patients can typically expect out-of-pocket expenses of under $1000 per cycle, less for individuals with private health insurance. All Medicare-eligible expenses, such as consultations, blood tests, fertility tests, ultrasound scans and fertility procedures, bulk-billed.

The company said Adora meant ‘gift’ in Ancient Greek.

Jaime Simpson, chief executive of Adora Fertility, said it was important that the brand reflected the feeling that couples get when they walk into one of the clinics, meet the staff and pursue their dream of starting a family.

“We provide hope to couples who are struggling to conceive, particularly if cost is a barrier to them accessing fertility services,” she said.

If you feel like you need help, please request a consultation through your Adora Fertility clinic.Bulk Billed IVF is now available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. If you would like to speak to a Adora Fertility expert in more detail, please find the closest location here.

First published in The Australian, 26 March 2019

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