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We are proudly transparent about our success rates which are proof that high quality fertility treatments can be delivered at an affordable cost. We encourage you to visit the YourIVFSuccess website, an initiative of the Federal Government, which provides an independent source of information detailing success rates for clinics around Australia.

IVF is a complex field of medicine and measuring success rates in IVF is also complex as there is not one single measure that gives a complete answer. Our view is that clinics should not “cherry-pick” IVF success rates and then publish the data that paints them in the most favourable light and we recommend to our patients to consult this website and take their time to go through it in detail. There is a lot of information but the brains behind this initiative have overall done a good job of trying to make things easy for people to understand and to be fair to all clinics in the way the data is reported.

What’s on the website?

The website has a section on what IVF involves, information about various treatment options and an IVF success estimator, based on Australian IVF success rates. This is a useful starting point for anyone thinking they may need IVF to help them have a family.

IVF Success Estimator Tool

The IVF Success Estimator Tool estimates your chance of having a baby through IVF (based on the national average of all the clinics). You input some demographic data: age of female, age of male, cause of infertility etc and it will give you a chance of IVF success in that cycle and subsequent cycles.

Research consistently shows that women and couples over-estimate their chances of IVF success, particularly for older patients, and this tool can be useful in giving a more realistic expectation of treatment success. It is, however, very important to bear in mind that this is averaged national data of IVF success rates Australia wide, that it is based on only a few variables and that it is data for couples that have a fertility issue.

Please use this estimator tool as a guide only and bear in mind that your Fertility Specialist has years of training and expertise to adjust that success rate for you as an individual patient based on your specific history.

IVF Success Measures

The website also has a section on IVF Success Measures for individual clinics around Australia. As mentioned before, IVF success can be measured in different ways and this data is currently presented as four different measures, a further measure will be added later once the final data set comes through. If you would like further detailed information about each measure then click on each.

Our Success Rates

The below graphs show our Clinical Pregnancy and Live Birth rates for all Adora Fertility clinics in 2022. This includes all patients that underwent an embryo transfer as part of an IVF or ICSI treatment. No donor eggs or sperm, or PGT tested embryos are included in these statistics.  It is important to note that not every IVF cycle will result in an egg collection, a fresh transfer, or embryos of freezing quality.

When considering success rates, there are a number of factors that can affect individual results. Advanced age in the female partner is associated with a decrease in clinical pregnancies and live births. Weight can also impact clinical pregnancies and live births. Different causes of infertility and certain lifestyle factors can have varied impacts on the success of fertility treatment. We suggest talking to your Fertility Specialist to discuss your individual circumstances.

Important things to bear in mind

Adora encourages patients to use this website but echoes the point made by ANZSREI (the peak Australian body representing CREIs, the official college recognised fertility qualification for doctors in Australia and New Zealand) that states:

“When patients are choosing fertility clinics or if they have had unsuccessful cycles, ANZSREI Executive does not recommend solely using the YourIVFsuccess website in their decision. Instead we recommend patients are aware of the current limitations of the website and consider other aspects such as patient centred care, cost and importantly the experience and qualifications of their doctor.”

When comparing Adora to other clinics we hope that you will be pleased to see that we align well with National Averages. This is why we do what we do. Our doctors, nurses, scientists and admin staff are absolutely committed to providing quality fertility care at a cost that is accessible and affordable for all Australians.

When it comes to success rate measures, Adora Fertility does have 2 distinct disadvantages in how these measures are calculated compared to some other clinics and we hope you bear this in mind as you are not always comparing “apples with apples”.

Firstly, Adora Fertility does not currently have access to donor sperm, it is not covered under Medicare. Donor sperm cycles are included in the measures and given that the majority of cycles involving donor sperm are in women that do not have an underlying fertility issue that is due to a medical reason (ie single women and same sex couples) it is misleading to include this data in the success rates measures.

Secondly, Adora Fertility does not currently undertake genetic testing of embryos for their chromosome status (PGT-A). This is because it is not covered by Medicare and it has never been convincingly shown to increase pregnancy rates overall, in fact, it may harm them. The 4th Measure (Births per Embryo Transfer) will be elevated for embryos that are genetically tested and are shown to be normal. But remember, in order to appear in this metric the embryo has to be available to transfer because the time point at which the measure is calculated is from the point of embryo transfer. If there is no embryo to transfer it does not appear in this metric. Remember in order for the genetically tested embryo to be at the point of transfer (and thus included in this metric) it needed to survive the biopsy, be frozen, survive the thaw and be genetically normal so it is no wonder that some PGT-A tested embryos have very high pregnancy rates.

In summary, we welcome the YourIVFSuccess website and encourage our patients to explore it in detail. However, we also highlight that there are some limitations to the website and encourage patients to speak directly with their Fertility Specialist at Adora Fertility to receive an honest and realistic appraisal of their own unique situation.

Dr Paul Atkinson
National Medical Director Adora Fertility

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