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Your guide to Adora’s transparent pricing, no hidden extras, no surprises.  

Cost is a major barrier and can be a cause of stress for many Australian couples when considering fertility services. At Adora, we Bulk Bill all eligible fertility related services covered by Medicare.

Our aim is to be as transparent as possible when it comes to what you’ll actually be paying. We take the time to thoroughly explain all the fees and out-of-pocket costs you’ll incur during your fertility treatment. Out-of-pocket costs are for services not covered by Medicare, and include day hospital and anaesthetist fees. Out-of-pocket expenses are typically under $1,000 per cycle and will normally be far less for individuals with private health insurance (PHI).

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Costs covered by Medicare You Pay
GP, Fertility Specialist and Nurse Consultations $ 0
Blood Tests and Ultrasounds Scans $ 0
Fertility Treatment Plan (developed in consultation with your Fertility Specialist) $ 0
IVF or ICSI Cycle $ 0
Egg (Oocyte) and Sperm Collection $ 0
Embryo Transfer $ 0
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Costs not covered by Medicare
(Out-of-pocket costs)
You Pay
Day Surgery & Anaesthetist (considered best practice for egg collection) $200 - $1,000
Fertility Medications Up to $200
FET Cycle Facility Fee $350

Counselling (mandatory in Victoria)

Up to $100
Police Checks
(mandatory in Victoria)
Up to $46
AMH Test Approx $65 - 85

Please Note

  • Where applicable, there are costs up to $600 associated with storage of oocytes, sperm and embryo.
  • Costs for medications may be less depending on whether you are a Medicare concession cardholder or have reached the Medicare Safety Net
  • Day Surgery and Anaesthetist fees apply and may vary. These costs may also be covered by your private health insurer.
  • All of our egg collection procedures are performed in an accredited day surgery under the care of an anaesthetist, which is considered safer and less painful than a procedure carried out under a local anaesthetic.

By operating differently and focusing on what provides you with direct value, Adora delivers the same quality services at a lower cost.