Sophie Vavladelis

Dr Sophie Vavladelis 

Fertility General Practitioner at Adora Fertility

About Dr Sophie Vavladelis 

Specializes in Women’s Health
MBBS Sydney University, FRACGP

Dr Sophie is a GP with 25 years working in multiple areas of women’s health, gaining a broad range of experiences. She currently works alongside an obstetrician caring for his ante natal women with a focus on their mental and nutritional health. It was a natural progression for her to enter the fertility area to gain more knowledge in this field.

Her other passion is in metabolic and weight loss medicine. Her preventative approach to chronic diseases allows her to identify women with an elevated BMI who may benefit from lifestyle modification, especially with a focus on nutritional health education and support.

This assists improvement not only in fertility but mental health and wellbeing overall. Her holistic approach is both empathic and caring with all her patients.