Debra DettmanWu

Dr Debra Dettman-Wu

Fertility General Practitioner at Adora Fertility

About Dr Debra Dettman-Wu

Specializes in Fertility and Reproductive Medicine
Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion), Bachelor of Medicine, FRACGP

Dr Debra Dettman-Wu grew up in Melbourne where she completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion) at Deakin University prior to studying medicine at the University of Newcastle graduating in 2003. After completing her internship and residency in NSW, Debra returned to Melbourne to complete her fellowship in General Practice. Debra spent a decade working in general practices throughout Melbourne before joining Adora Fertility in 2022.

Debra’s interest in reproductive medicine is very personal as her two daughters were conceived through IVF, and she is delighted to help others start their journey.