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Our Services

Adora Fertility is committed to ensuring that IVF and fertility services are accessible, affordable for all couples. If you’re looking for more information on our fertility treatment options and how we can help, please contact us.

Our Costs

Bulk Billing is a payment option available to eligible Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents covered by Medicare.

A range of health services listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule are covered including IVF related services. At Adora Fertility, we Bulk Bill all Medicare eligible expenses such as GP Consultations, Blood Tests, Ultrasound Scans, Fertility Specialists, Nurse Consultations, Egg/Oocyte & Sperm Collection, Cycle Fees, Embryo Transfer and Pregnancy Test

Success Rates

We believe that affordable fertility treatment options should be available to all Australians.

Adora has one clear goal. To provide you with a world of fertility expertise at a fraction of the cost. By being focused, direct and efficient with our services and pricing structure, we have levelled the playing field and opened the door to eligible couples facing fertility challenges. We do this by operating differently, focusing on what provides patients with direct value.

How to Switch Clinics

Often couples join us partway through their journey for various reasons – you might be moving to a different city, stressed about increasing fertility costs, or struggling with treatment outcomes. Everyone’s fertility journey is different and we support couples who join us at every stage of their journey.

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