NSW Government $2,000 Fertility Treatment Rebate

The NSW Government has signaled their support for families facing the costs associated with IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies, by providing a cash rebate of up to $2000.

The facts

  • The rebate commenced January 1st 2023, with women who have undergone an eligible procedure from October 1st 2022 able to submit a claim.
  • The rebate provides assistance to 12,000 women using private fertility clinics such as Adora Fertility.
  • You must be a NSW resident to claim, but you can have your treatment outside of the state.

Cost is one of the biggest barriers to accessing fertility treatment, and since Adora Fertility’s inception we have strived to make high-quality fertility treatment affordable for more Australians. We welcome the NSW Government’s decision to support access to assisted reproductive technologies.

Other benefits outlined under the scheme include five days paid fertility treatment leave for teachers, nurses and other public servants, upgrading and expansion of public IVF clinics, and rebates for pre-IVF fertility testing. Fertility preservation for those undergoing cancer and other treatments will also be expanded.

Apply for the Fertility Treatment Rebate through Service NSW.

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