Egg Freezing cost

Fertility Assessment and consultation $150

This is the first step of the Egg Freezing process.

  • Consultation with a Fertility GP
  • Review of your medical history
  • Blood Tests, Ultrasounds for key fertility markers*
  • Consultation with a Fertility Specialist
  • Consultation with a Fertility Nurse

Egg Freezing Cycle (1st Cycle) $3800

  • Treatment and cycle management
  • Stimulation of your ovaries
  • Cycle monitoring
  • Storage of eggs for the first 12 months is included in the cycle fee

Fertility Medications (Per cycle approx.) $1500

In an elective Egg Freeze Cycle, the medication is not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and you will have to pay the pharmacy as per their price schedule.

Egg Retrieval Procedure $200 - $1000

Your Egg Retrieval will be performed at a fully accredited day surgery under the care of a Fertility Specialist. It will be performed under a light general anaesthetic.

Medicare does not cover this cost. However, these costs may be covered by your private health insurer.

Subsequent Cycles including Egg Retrieval $3200

In order to increase your chances of having a baby in the future, your Fertility Specialist may recommend that you undergo more than one Egg Freezing Cycle.