Creating a healthy environment for IVF

Prior to starting IVF treatment, it is key to build a healthy environment around you and your partner to ensure the best possible chance of success. This simple guide will help you prepare for IVF and set parameters to maintain your and your partner’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

You and your partner

The most essential part of IVF is you and your partner. An openness is essential in a relationship and especially so when undergoing IVF. Ahead of beginning your journey try these tips to get yourselves used to sharing feelings and understanding each other’s thoughts and expectations: Be honest and create an environment where you both feel safe sharing your emotions without judgement. Listen to what your partner has to say, by giving them your undivided attention you will encourage them to do the same to you. Be patient with your partner and with yourself. IVF can be a rollercoaster of emotions and you may not feel better instantly but by talking situations through it can make it easier.

Openness with friends & family

Friends and family are a great support base in your everyday life and they become even more important during struggles with infertility and IVF treatment. A willingness to share your emotions and needs with your friends and family can at times be a challenge, but by speaking openly about what you are going through and feeling they are able to better understand your behaviour and proactive ways to help. Some practical advice to give your friends and family before you begin treatment is: help them learn about IVF, by knowing more about the process they will be able to stay up to understand what is happening better. Is there ways they can lend a helping hand? Let your family and friends know ahead of time areas where you think you might need help, maybe it’s a lift to appointments or even simply a hand with dinner. Before you begin treatment,clearly outline with your friends and family what you will and won’t discuss so they can prepare and be conscious of your emotions. Emotional support through IVF is incredibly important. If you don’t feel like you have the support of friends or family, you may want to find a counsellor to provide you with professional support. This can be arranged through your IVF clinic.

Flexibility – Be prepared to be prepared

During your IVF treatment, you and your partner will be required to attend multiple appointments at your elected clinic (Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane) so it’s important you plan ahead and stay organised. You can discuss your treatment plan with your IVF specialist which will allow you to plan if you need to request leave with your work place and coordinate with your partner. An easy way to stay organised is by hanging a large calendar in your kitchen and marking important dates so both you and your partner are aware of upcoming appointments. You can also set reminders on your smartphone or share your e-calendar. Being organised also includes room for compromise and flexibility, so be open and communicate with your partner about what is coming up during treatment.


Focusing on your mental and physical health is key to boosting your fertility, but to do this you have to have a lifestyle that makes that as easy and achievable as possible. Ahead of treatment, focus on elements of your lifestyle that you want to change and begin to transition into making better choices. If you are trying toquit smoking, avoid the triggers in your life that make you feel like smoking. For example, if you have a moment in the day you always smoke, do something different at that time that doesn’t allow you to smoke. Make sure you include time for exercise in your day – it can be as simple as going for a walk. Healthy eating is also a crucial part of getting your body ready, so why not take a cooking class with your partner to get your skills in place to make better choices. You can also minimise your alcohol intake by doing different activities like going for a walk or going to the movies instead of meeting a friend in a bar. You should also begin to switch your afternoon coffee for a herbal or green tea which will reduce the amount of caffeine in your system and give you a boost of antioxidants too. Before you begin treatment, you and your partner need to prioritise getting your lifestyle ready to make healthy choices.

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