Changing Fertility Clinics

Often couples join us partway through their journey for various reasons – you might be moving to a different city, stressed about increasing fertility costs, or struggling with treatment outcomes. Everyone’s fertility journey is different and we support couples who join us at every stage of their journey. One of the most commonly asked questions is, “how do we transport our frozen embryos if you were to continue your fertility journey with Adora?”

How do you get started?

Before you take this next step, you will need to set up an initial Specialist appointment at your closest Adora Fertility clinic. It’s important that you bring your medical records, including your Embryology Report with you to this appointment. During this appointment, your Specialist will guide you through the Embryo Import Form. You will need to complete this form with your Specialist. This will be processed by our Admin team and payment will be taken for the transportation and annual storage fee. Please note payment differs based on the location your embryos are stored.

At this stage, you will need to contact your original clinic and complete the necessary release forms with them. Our Admin team will then notify the lab who coordinates the rest, including transportation and storage.

Is it safe?

Yes it is very safe. Sperm, eggs and embryos are safely transported between clinics on a regular basis. Scientists use a specifically designed transport canister to ensure all sperm/eggs/embryos are protected and maintained at appropriate liquid nitrogen temperature. You can be assured that their welfare will be in the very capable hands of a specialised medical transport company whilst they are travelling between the two clinics.

If you feel like you need help, please request a consultation through your Adora Fertility clinic. Adora Fertility has clinics in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. If you would like to speak to a Adora Fertility expert in more detail, please find the closest location here.