VIC changes to elective surgery

The Victorian Government has announced temporary changes to elective surgery effective 6th January 2022, to assist with capacity management in the health care system.

From 6th January, elective surgery is restricted to urgent elective surgery only. IVF procedures can only be performed for two reasons, either to complete a cycle that has been commenced prior to 6th January, or where fertility preservation is required prior to other health care treatment ( for example, chemotherapy).

What does this mean for me? 

  • If you have been started on a fresh cycle, you will be able to continue as normal and have you egg collection procedure as planned.
  • You cannot start a fresh IVF cycle at this stage as the egg collection procedure is not able to be carried out. This includes elective egg freezing cycles.
  • You cannot have any other procedures associated with an IVF cycle that requires hospital admission, such as a frozen embryo transfer under general anaesthetic, or a surgical sperm retrieval.
  • You can start on a frozen cycle, IUI or OI cycle.

Please contact the clinic by the normal method when you are ready to start a frozen, IUI or OI cycle.

Adora Fertility is here to support you through your fertility journey. Our clinic is open, and our friendly nurses, patient services team and embryologist will continue to be available to assist you.

Our GPs and specialists will continue to provide consultations and advice.

If you have any questions, please contact the clinic directly to discuss you situation. 

We will provide updates as they become available.   

We would like to reassure our NSW/QLD patients that IVF treatment is not currently impacted by changes to elective surgery.  Please contact the clinic directly if you have any questions about your treatment.