Getting started

A baby can be a lifelong dream. But for some it’s a dream that feels out of reach

Adora Fertility has helped thousands of Australian families achieve successful pregnancies. By being focused, direct and efficient with our services and pricing structure, we have levelled the playing field and opened the door to eligible couples facing fertility challenges.

Your First Consultation

Our Fertility GP will speak with you and your partner about your fertility history and general health. They may also arrange for a series of tests in order to get a clearer picture of any conception issues you may have either individually or as a couple. Rest assured that we will work closely with you, addressing all your concerns and questions, every step of the way.

The main goal of this first appointment is to understand your needs, gather all the relevant information regarding your circumstances, medical condition and previous care and assess your suitability for fertility treatment.

Your partner must to attend this appointment with you.

Once the team has a strong understanding of your case, they may recommend further tests and investigations that may include:

  • Pelvic Ultrasound
  • Semen Analysis
  • Blood Test
  • Pathology Screenings 

Please note that we Bulk Bill all Medicare eligible expenses. Read More

At least a week prior to your appointment, we recommend that you fill and submit our new patient registration form and a medical history form.

A few things you’ll need to have ready for your initial appointment are:

  • Medicare Card & Photo Identification
  • A record of your menstrual cycle and associated symptoms that you wish to discuss.
  • A list of any medications or supplements you take. Please include the amount of each dose and how often you take them.
  • Previous medical records or test results.
  • Details on your attempts to get pregnant.
  • How long you have been actively trying to conceive.
  • Frequency of intercourse.
  • Reports/letters from other Doctors or Fertility clinics.
  • Results from the pap smear test you’ve had within the last two years before treatment. 
  • A notebook to write down any instructions or details.

For patients receiving treatment in Victoria

  • In Victoria, the State Government legislation requires all couples to see a Counsellor prior to starting any IVF treatment. This service is offered through Adora Fertility in Victoria. For more details please email us at