While most couples have reasonable expectations and hopes of growing their family as part of their life plan, some couples do experience difficulty falling pregnant.

Sometimes falling pregnant can be helped along with a few simple changes:

  • Healthy lifestyle changes
  • Ovulation tracking
  • Timing of sex
  • Reduced stress

Each couple’s situation is a bit different, yet the most significant infertility factor is the age of the female. The next most significant factor is male fertility and approximately half of couples undergoing fertility treatment are a result of male fertility (Ramalingam, Mythili et al, 2014).

The chance of couples experiencing difficulty falling pregnant increases as they approach their 30s and more so for couples in their 40s (Leridon, 2014).

If you know that you have a problem or sense that you might and are under 35 and have been trying to conceive for 1 year or are over 35 and have been trying for 6 months, then make an appointment with us to see if we can help.

Unfortunately, female age is one infertility factor we can do almost nothing to combat. Based on medical evidence Adora Fertility does not provide IVF treatments to women over 44 years of age.

It’s best not to delay fertility treatment. Have your fertility health checked to see if you are suitable for fertility services. You will have ample opportunity to discuss any queries or concerns with our IVF team before commencing treatment.