Most patients will be required to self-inject medications during treatment for approximately two weeks when undergoing Stimulated Cycle for Egg Retrieval. To help make you more comfortable with this procedure, your Adora Nurse will provide you with written instructions and drug information at the time of your consultation.

Medications are mostly dispensed from the pharmacies on-site where our centres are based. However, you don’t have to source your medications from these pharmacies.

Please ensure you don’t run out of medications during your cycle. Not all pharmacies can dispense these. Check with your Adora Nurse if you’re not sure.

All prescribed medications should be taken as advised by your Fertility Specialist or Adora Nurse.

Continue all medications until advised otherwise. Please ensure you refer to each individual medication brochure for more detailed information. If you experience any side effects beyond those listed, or if symptoms become severe, please contact your Adora.

Medication commonly used in Fertility Treatment:

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